Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cupboard Bakery

Last week we had cake, this week I thought I'd try some tart. Turned out OK, what do you think?

My walk in robe is looking more like a bakery than a cupboard, it's now got cake and tart and I also have some cupcakes in there as well:)

For anyone new reading this, it's OK; I don't really hide bakery goodies in my cupboard, just my newest soap additions.

Oh, and a few chocolates, can't forget the chocolates, yep, have some of those in there too, but these really are edible ones. Just a few left of my Valentines pressie and very sadly they are just about gone but probably just as well.

I've been known to hide chocolates in my cupboard on the rare occasion:) especially Easter Eggs. Now they have to go in the cupboard, because if I leave them in the fridge they are too much temptation for not only me but everyone else, to keep eating until it's all gone and I really do like to TRY and make them last as long as is possible.

At least I can't put weight on with the soap cakes and tarts:)

1 comment:

  1. I love this tart, Jan!!! I bet you can't wait to sell them at the markets... They should go like hot cakes!