Thursday, October 7, 2010

Naked Beer Bar

Another soap I’ve been wanting to make for ages is a beer soap, so I decided it was well and truly time that I got around to actually making it.

I can remember when I was quite young, my Mum using Beer as a special rinse after washing her hair to make it “nice and shiny” as she used to say, it didn’t hold much of a appeal for me at the time, but I’ve been reading about how good beer really is, especially for your hair.

Washing your hair in beer has even been claimed to make your hair grow faster (now I really don’t believe that one) but it is known to give body and shine to your hair.

Beer baths are particular popular in Europe where local lager is poured into tubs for guests to enjoy the rich and relaxing suds and people travel from all around the world to relax in their curative beer spas. They also incorporate it into their “Brewski” facials which are said to leave the skin smooth and supple.

Our Naked Beer bar is made with a whole bottle of "Pure Blonde Naked beer", hence its name. I’ve added extra rice bran and hazelnut oils and certified organic cocoa and shea butters to make it a truly special soap bar that has a wonderful bubbly lather and lime, orange and may chang essential oils to make our beer bar a very pleasant bathing experience indeed. Hope you like it:)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lemon & Lime LOOFAH BAR

Well I'm back from our holiday in New Zealand and had a wonderful time, it is such a beautiful place and I really didn't want to leave. But it's back to the grinestone so to speak and while I was holidaying I had a few new soaps doing their thing and are now cured, ready to use and I'll be adding them over the next few days.

The first one is a Lemon & Lime Loofah bar which I've been wanting to make for ages. It is handcrafted from a fresh slice of nature’s own exfoliator, loofah and is then filled with our finest all natural vegetable soap which contains emollients such as shea and avocado butters to cleanse, enrich, soften and soothe.

Finally, I've added essential oils for their therapeutic value, Lemon, lime, rose geranium and palmarosa and the end result is the BEST Scrub & massage you will find anywhere. I just LOVE my loofah bar! it gently buffs away dry dead skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Once you have one you will never want to be without one, I know I don't:)