Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well, Christmas is very close now and I'd just like to thank all my customers for your valued support over the past year and for your lovely feedback, I really appreciate it.

I'd also like wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I look forward to making you some more new All Natural soaps in the coming year.

Free Coffee anyone?

I've heard that Hamperific is given away some free coffee, interested? then head on over to see Kirsty from Hamperific here . I know I'll be entering. Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our New Handmade Soap

I've been asked to make a Jasmine soap a few times now, so I've decided to add one to our organic soap range.

Our new All Natural soap bar is named “Geisha Girl” because of the beautiful Jasmine and Orange fragrance.

Jasmine is the ultimate natural aphrodisiac oil; it is a sensual, soothing and calming oil that promotes love and peace. It is also a powerful antidepressant that helps diminish fear and build self-confidence and optimism.

It is often used in skin care, especially in the treatment of dry or irritated skin and is used for treating eczema and dermatitis. It has an extremely intense floral aroma that is both sweet and lingering.

Did you know it takes 8,000 carefully hand-picked blossoms to produce just 1 gram (about 1 ml.) of Jasmine? No wonder it is so expensive to buy. Yes, Geisha Girl does contain real Jasmine Absolute, not fragrance oil, you won't find fragrance oil in any of our All Natural Soap Bars.

It also contains Sweet Orange essential oil which is uplifting, refreshing, relaxing and wonderfully bright and cheery, along with the Jasmine it is also used as an antidepressant.

Geisha Girl not only smells beautiful but it is wonderful for your skin health.

It contains Avocado Butter which provides a rich source of essential vitamins that help to moisturise and add emolliency to damaged skin. It’s a great addition in handmade soap for helping to maintain suppleness to mature or dry skin.

Macadamia nut oil is emollient, moisturising, soothing and anti-ageing; it contains the highest level of palmitoleic acid of any plant oil. This is found in human sebum, but the level dramatically drops in mature skin, making Macadamia Nut oil a great choice for the skin of older people.

Rice bran oil has long been used in Japan to protect and moisturise the skin, it’s rich in gamma-oryzanol, which protects, nourishes and replenishes your skin. It can help reduce inflammation and soothe discomfort making it wonderful for itchy skin.

Olive oil is high in essential fatty acids, it’s very moisturising and has excellent penetration, it soothes, reduces scars, moisturises the top layer of skin and is very gentle for babies. Geisha Girl contains over 51% of pure cold pressed olive oil.

So you can see this is a special bar of soap. Why not try it yourself and feel the difference in your skin? it's curing now and just about ready, only one week to go. You will find it soon at our All Natural Soap Shop.