Thursday, November 10, 2011

New look Sunshine

The lure of Micas has been too strong and I’ve finally succumbed into trying some. What do I think about them? I love them! Not only do they look beautiful, I find them so much easier and less disappointing to use than natural colours. With some natural colours you can have a soap that looks gorgeous when first made, but a few weeks down the track, when the natural colour has faded, you’re left with just a plain old ordinary looking soap bar.

No, I’m not giving up natural colours, although it is tempting LOL, I still think they are better health wise, but I can see myself trying a few more of these gorgeous colours. If you like the look of Sunshine, you can find it at Natural Aroma Handmade soaps.


  1. Oh dear, we've polluted you. LOL! I must say your Sunshine soap is VERY pretty. Great job, Jan!

  2. Thanks Petra:) what can I say Amy? too many years looking at all the gorgeous colours, yep I suppose I can lay a bit of the blame on you LOL, say tuned there's more to come:)

  3. Interesting! I really wanted to try this on my face. :)


  4. The soap looks great and it's so cheerful looking.