Sunday, August 2, 2009

Surprise! and the second winner is....

I mentioned yesterday I had a hard time deciding on the winner and I really would have liked to give you all a free natural soap, sorry can’t afford that :o) but I was in the shower last night enjoying one of my soap bars when I thought "why not have a second prize?"

So I’d like to give away one more luxury soap to one other person I felt really deserved it, and that person is Pam. Pam came up with 4 great suggestions, a couple I think I will use for Father’s Day coming up. Congratulations Pam, I will be posing you your free organic soap shortly.

Thanks again everyone for your suggestions it is really nice to think that there is actually some people reading my posts.

Stay tuned; I loved getting the feedback so much I think I’ll have to think of some more ways to give away some handmade soap in the near future. Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I received this lovely thank you letter from Pam a few weeks ago and thought I'd share it.

    "The soap arrived yesterday and is gorgeous! Thank you so much much :D It made my day! It's so lovely having a guilt free lovely smelling shower, lol! DH said that I smelled like a bag of lollies - the mix of spearmint in the "Touch of Heaven" soap really does smell like that! It leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft too. I often don't use any products for my two daughters (16months and nearly 3years) but it's really nice to know that there is something I can use that isn't filled with nasty chemicals. My three year old was going around the house after her bath getting everyone to smell her! Thanks again, and I will definitely refer friends and family to your website. Regards,Pam,"

    Thank you so much Pam,I'm so glad you like your prize.