Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week 4 - Leopard Spot Soap

Well, we've done it! congratulations everyone!  4 weeks of Amy's challenges and I think they've been getting harder as we've gone along:)  Sorry I'm late with this one, but we've been having a lovely holiday down the seaside, I think I really needed the rest to build up for this challenge:)

Talk about all time boo boo, this one didn't go to my plan at all, I wanted to have lots more spots, but the soap had other ideas about this.

I made the very silly decision to put the plastic bag over the container, add the soap to it and to save   time, stick blend the colour in the bag,  I know I can hear the giggles from here, but in my defence, I thought as long as I was careful to keep the blender away from the sides and bottom it'd be fine.

Anyhow I soon found out how wrong I was, when I picked up the bag to fasten the top, my soap started falling out the bottom.  So then it was a made dash to try and find another bag, which ended up being in a totally different room, scoop the soap out and put it into another bag.  You guessed it! by the time I'd done this, my soap was setting up:(  so not very happily I only managed to do a couple of spots, I wanted to have my spots small and look what I got, great big gigantic ones LOL. 

Anyway my choice of colours came from it being fragranced with Lavender and Aniseed essential oils, so I thought the purple and black would suit it best, just wish I had more spots!

Thanks so much Amy for putting this all together, I've really enjoyed participating and seeing all the other gorgeous handmade soaps.


  1. So beautiful, Jan!
    I have never tried lavender combined with aniseed eo, but it sounds lovely!

  2. Many of us seemed to have different issues making this spotted soap,hi,hi. I love how white is your soap,Jan! Great e.o.blend also,I made a batch with these e.o. recently. I think your spots are perfect,considering you had to leave a batter for a while and luckily,this technique is manageable with heavy trace!

  3. Thank you Natalia:) lavender and aniseed does smell really nice together, just don't use too much of the aniseed as it can really overpower, but it's worth trying and seems to go well.

    Thanks so much Maja, I'm so glad you like the spots:) I suppose they do look OK, they just weren't what I'd planned. I think the photo came out a bit different, they don't look quite as white in real life.

  4. I think it still looks beautiful, Jan! Lavender and aniseed sounds like a nice combo, and I like the black and purple together.

  5. They look lovely...great spots and I love the colors too!

  6. Thank you Jenny, I'm so glad you like it:) thanks Cee Gee, I was hoping the colours sort of matched the fragrance combo.

  7. Way to be persistent, Jan!! I think it turned out pretty great! :) Thank you for participating in the challenges!!

  8. It looks great, the colors are beautiful! =)

  9. Thanks Amy, this one really was a challenge LOL and you're welcome, I enjoyed every bit of it:)

    Thank you Anne-Marie:) I wanted to match them with the Lavender and Aniseed essential oils, so the purple and black seemed to be the best choice for the job:)