Friday, December 3, 2010

Jenora Soaps - Salt Bar

A few weeks back I received a beautiful parcel from Jen which included a Salt Bar, that's the blue one at the back.

I'd heard so much about these so-called Salt bars and had never, ever, tried one before and was really itching to get my hands on one, I just couldn't wait to try it. I know some people love them and others think there is nothing special about them, they certainly do look different, but until you try one you never know. What do I think? I loved it, not only did the colour look wonderful, cool and inviting, I just really liked the way it felt on my skin.

I had no idea what to expect, I thought maybe it would be drying because of the salt, but no, not drying on my skin at all. It felt smooth like polished stone with a soft and silky lather with lots of bubbles, yep, I'm one of those people that like bubbles in my soap, I know some people prefer a creamy lather, but give me bubbles any day:)

The fragrance was just right, a lovely fresh, natural, clean minty smell, that made me think of the beach and being outdoors.

Loved it Jen, thanks so much. Can't wait to try the others:)


  1. Jan, Thank you so much for the brilliant write-up. I am so glad you like the salt bar. I adore salt bars too. Hope you enjoy the other soaps and are having a great holiday season, selling lots of your soaps! xo Jen