Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reminder to myself - don't soap when upset!!!

Geisha Girl

I'd been planning Geisha Girl for a while and couldn't wait to make it. I had set aside a morning when I thought everything would be AOK to have a nice quite morning soapmaking:) The only thing I had to do was pick up a few essentials down the shop. Sounds easy? It didn't work out as well as I'd hoped.

I thought I'd get my bit of shopping done first so I'd have a nice clear mind. I've found that my soap always seems to come out better if I can relax, take my time and just concentrate solely on making them.

I got everything ready to make it so I could start when I got home and off I went to the shops. Everything was fine till I was backing out of the carpark, had the car turned almost all the way around ready to drive off, when someone decided to back out as well (young man with his girlfriend in the car) and hit me.

As you can imagine I was very upset. I went home unpacked my things, had a cuppa and tried to settle down. As I had everything ready to make soap, I decided to go ahead and make it, well, I find soapmaking relaxing and thought I’d be OK and it would be all right.

Well, I was wrong:( I got right to the end, had it in my soapbox and was quite pleased how everything went so well. Put the cover over the top and Oh NOOOOO! I found the last oil that I was supposed to add at trace. Panic, panic, I had to add the oil or the soap would be no good.

I was so angry with myself because I’d tried to be so careful, knowing that I was still upset and I wanted to get the layers the way I wanted them.

Luckily I’d poured at a fairly light trace so I just had time enough to stir the remaining oil though, I knew it was going to turn out plain now, so I quickly added some balls that I’d done ready for another soap to hopefully make up for my lost layers.

So the layers went out the window and this is what it turned out like.

Exactly the same oils, colours and fragrance as the top soap, but totally different look, thanks to the man who was more interested in talking to his girlfriend than watching where he was going and my inability to concentrate when upset.

So the very next day I was determined to have my layers and tried again, with the result of the top photo, now that's more like what I wanted:)


  1. Good morning Jan, I enjoyed this post and it reminds me of a tutorial I watched at by Sergio. He mentioned several times throughout the tutorial that you needed to relax and put classical music on during soaping or they didn't turn out the same. Sounds like, after your experience, that for making soap it is important to be focussed on the task at hand and relaxed.... rather than using it to relax? So sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you weren't hurt at all. Hope your insurance pays the damage. I love the photo of the layered soap... what kind of soap is it? Scent? Oils? Extras? And the ball in the other soap is very very interesting. I have tried to make balls but the soap just crumbles... any tricks? xo Jen

  2. I find scrubbing toilets, showers and baths are the best thing to do when annoyed/stressed!!!

  3. You know what? This has happened to me even when I'm calm and relaxed! But it's always nice to save a potentially bad batch, it just makes the soaps that much more precious. :)

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies. No, wasn't hurt Jen and I still have to pay the excess, so not happy!! I grate the balls first, then wet slightly with filtered water so they hold together and then let dry well. The soap is called Geisha Girl and has Sweet Orange and Jasmin EO's and smells really nice, the color is all natural from Turmeric and yellow clay.

  5. Love your blog! Sorry to hear about your accident, glad to hear you're o.k. I must say I love the soap with the ball in it! It makes me think of an exotic-looking planet floating around. Very unique! It sounds politively yummy, too. ~Becky

  6. Oh what a stressful morning. My sister and I almost got hit over a week ago while shopping at a local small farm market. We were driving slowly looking for parking spot and then had slowed down to pull into a spot and the guy to the right of me starts backing up as he didn't turn around to see us in our rather big CRV. We both froze and my sister honked on the horn and he stopped just inches from our car. We both were so shaken up and thanked the Lord that we didn't get hit. She just bought her car a week prior so we were really shaken up over the whole thing and had a hard time concentrating on groceries. After we shopped we just sat in the car and took some deep breaths before hitting the road again.

    I'm glad your accident wasn't worse and your second soap still looks good. I find when I make a soap that doesn't look like I planned I just go with it and customers usually love it.

  7. Thank you Splurge Sisters, so glad to hear you and your sister weren't hurt as well:)

  8. Haces unos jabones muy bonitos. Besos.

  9. I think the soap turned out great considering what had just happened (glad you're okay). Way to think on your feet and add the extra touch since you lost your layers. You successfully saved the batch =)

  10. Well, of course the top soap looks very neat with the contrasting layers, but I'd say you did a nice job of salvaging the other soap as well! So glad you weren't injured in the accident!

  11. Thanks so much Atenea, Anne-Marie and Amy:)