Monday, May 3, 2010

And the winner is.......

I’m sure you’re all just waiting to find out who the winner was for the Suggest a Soap Combo was:) It was a very hard decision to find just the right combo to look great in the gift box we wanted to fill. Some of the entries didn’t contain enough products and some too much to fit in nicely.

I finally narrowed it down to 6 entries that I thought would look great, then to make the final decision I decided to actually try the different combos in the boxes to see which would look best. This then bought the entries down to the final 3 and it was very hard to choose between the last few.

The way I picked the final winner was to write down all the different soaps everyone chose, to see which ones were selected the most. The Lavender Goat’s Milk handmade soap won in the Mummy’s choice and the So Pure Goat’s Milk Baby Bar was way out in front for the Bubba’s natural soap.

So........... the final winner is Mel0307 who picked both the Lavender Goat’s milk and the So Pure Goat’s milk baby bar to feature in her combo, she also had just the right amount of products that I think looked great in our Gift Box. Congratulations Mel307, your All Natural Mumma-Bubba Gift Pack will be arriving at your house before you know it.

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to enter; there really were some great suggestions. I’ll be keeping those bigger selections in mind down the track when I’ll be adding a bigger gift box, well, depending on how well the smaller ones go:)

I’d also like to thank Cath from SquiggleMum for doing such a wonderful job on putting this comp together, Cath you really have a great talent for it, maybe you should go into web design:) thank you so much Cath.

Mel0307, if you’d like to let either Cath or myself know your address, I’ll pop your gift box in the mail for you.

If you'd like to buy the same or similar Gift Box (this gift box is actually Hot Pink, but the photo doesn't show the true colour, sorry) for someone special in your life, you can find it at AromaBeauty Natural Soaps, under the Extra Goodies section.


  1. Congratulations Melo307 :)

  2. thank you Michelle!

    I absolutely love this package.
    I opened the box and a lovely lavender scent flowed through the air, very welcoming.

    The baby soap leaves my boys skin so soft, this is great as they both suffer from eczema and it works a treat on their skin.

    I also love how the lavender soap smells, not too strong, and how it lathers up with the puff, leaving my skin nice and soft also.

    thank you again for choosing my soap combo :)