Friday, April 23, 2010

Olive Oil Butter

Butter versus Margarine. What is better for us health wise, butter or margarine? It depends on who you listen to.

We are told butter is bad for us because it’s high in saturated fat and margarine is bad for us because of the trans fats they contain. Talk about confusing, who do we believe?

I think it really is a personal choice. I prefer butter myself, because it's a natural product. Margarine is manufactured and contains not only trans fats, which seem to be in just about everything we buy these days, but other undesirable ingredients as well.

A tub of margarine contains vegetable oils, emulsifiers, preservatives, food acid, flavour and colour.

A pack of butter contains cream, water and salt.

No comparison in my opinion. Natural has to be better compared to a man made product. As long as you don’t overdo the butter of course.

Now we all know how good Olive Oil is for us, not only for our skin, which is why I use lots of it in my handmade natural soaps, but it is wonderful for our inner health as well.

I like to make my own Olive Oil Butter as an alternative to our normal Butter and it’s very simple to make.

Find yourself a nice container that you’d like to use and measure how much it holds. For a 500 gram container you'll need:

250gram pure butter
250gram of light olive oil

You could use Extra Virgin Olive oil if you wish, but I find it makes the spread too strong tasting, but that’s just my taste, you might prefer that. You could even add some herbs if you’d like.

Melt your butter then add the olive oil. Place in fridge and stir every 30 minutes so that it blends well together. If you forget to stir, it could separate.

That’s it, an even healthier alternative to pure natural butter, it tastes great and it spreads well straight out of the fridge.

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