Tuesday, September 22, 2009

But wait, there's more!

Remember the baby guinea pigs we bought for my son's birthday only 2 short months ago? Well, one of our baby guinea pigs just had a baby guinea pig:)

A few weeks ago my son mentioned to me that one of his guinea pigs was getting fat and after a closer inspection I said jokingly “she looks pregnant to me”.

Now come on! you wouldn’t think that a baby guinea pig could get pregnant; I mean she’s only a couple of months old and living in a “all girls” apartment.

We were very careful (or so I thought) that we bought only little girls and they were all babies, two were 4 weeks old (I know, too young to be away from their Mum, but their Mum had died, so we sort of rescued them) the oldest was only 6 weeks. old, so no way she could get pregnant, right! 3 guinea pigs are enough, no really, we don't want any more!

I spent the next hour on Google trying to find a few answers and to see what the heck was going on and guess what? baby guinea pigs can fall pregnant at 4 weeks old. I'll repeat that, 4 weeks old.

Even more bad news followed, there is a big risk of death when they fall pregnant at a young age because of the size of the babies when they are born and they can have up to 8, of come on! she's only a baby!

So it seems one of our little girls was a bit more experienced in that department than we thought and it turns out she must have left a boyfriend behind somewhere when we bought her, oh dear!

Just thought I’d share some photos of our new beautiful baby guinea pig, hoo ray! only 1, yes only 1, and Mum and baby are doing well.

That's Mum in the middle and our little Shadow, yep, that's what my Son named her, here she is only 1 day old and soooo big, now all I can hope for is that our new baby girl IS A GIRL, Please! Please! Please!


  1. Shadow is so cute, Jan!! And HUGE - I am with you, thank goodness our kids aren't that big when they are born! Fingers crossed for you...

  2. Thanks Kirsty, yep! really hoping it's a girl, as I know my Son is NOT going to want to give him/her away.