Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Would you like some FREE Organic Soaps?

First of all happy 1st July to everyone!

Now, down to business. I’d like to show you a photo of my Bath Bombs I made to sell at a previous market. I hadn’t made them before so I was quite proud of them really :o) I thought they looked pretty good and they smelt just beautiful.

It was quite sad really, not one of them sold (well, only one to one of my friends, so that didn’t count :o)). Now, I don’t know why they didn’t sell. Was it because:

• They are not pretty enough.
• Are people just plain over the cup cake thing? (that was one comment I overhead a lady say to her friend)
• Don’t people like bath bombs anymore?
• Are they the wrong price? (I was charging $6.00 for unwrapped and $6.50 for gift wrapped)

I’d really like to know! And I’d love to hear your comments!

I’m offering 2 FREE bars of my beautiful, well in my opinion ;o) Handmade All Natural Soaps to give away to whoever can come up with the best explanation for my Bath Bombs not selling.

I’m going to give you a whole month to get your thinking caps on and I’ll let you know who had the best explanation and wins the 2 FREE bars of Organic Soap on the 1st August, 2009.

So tell all your friends everyone! Happy thinking!


  1. Hmmm I think they are very cute! Personally I don't think everyone is over the cupcake thing (well i hope not I have baby beanies called "Cupcake Beanies"!). I think your price is fine too (you are cheaper than Lush for example). And I for one LOVE bath bombs, I don't think they are out of fashion at all. The only thing I could suggest (from my experience too with markets) is that sometimes people are just after a BARGAIN at markets. The only other comment I could make is that they don't really look like bath bombs - were they really well labeled as such?? Good luck in the future with your bath bombs! Monique :)

  2. Hi Jan,

    I'm loving your blogs by the way. I need to read them more often! Promise I will :-)

    I love your bombs. The price is good, they are adorable! May be a stupid question but do people realise they are bath bombs?
    Could just be that people just don't take baths anymore being so time poor or when they do they are using something else, like a muscle ease, or something for dry skin?

    Kindest Regards

    Bra Queen x

  3. Some great suggestions ladies, thank you.

  4. Personally I am over the bath bomb thing, find it a bit gritty. I still think cupcakes are cute and your bath bombs are just adorable! Almost too good to use?

    Perhaps instead of one big bomb a set of three smaller ones would sell better, that way people could use one or two then keep the third on display until they are 'ready' to part with it!

  5. I think they look fabulous (so do all the rest of your soaps.. when I run out of my current stash I'm definately ordering from you!).

    I don't think it's people being over the cupcake thing - although I think it would be good to offer some more 'manly' ones and market them as a muscle soak. Also, I love seeing demonstrations - you could have a clear bowl of water and demonstrate how they fizz and smell etc, whilst talking about the benifits of baths bombs.

    The price seems good too - perhaps offering a 2 for xx price (slightly cheaper) would help get people to buy also.. or a pack with soap, washer and bath bomb gift wrapped.

  6. I think Bath bomb possibly are one of those things that everyone is over. I personally don't like receiving them. People are very water conscious these days and its possibly one of the reasons turning people off. Relaxing in a nice FULL bath just isn't one of those things I would think a lot of people take the time to do anymore.
    When I have a bath it is filled to the top but I have all the kids with me. No time to relax with a bath bomb.
    While I think your price is ok. As one of the others mentioned, people would be looking for something cheaper while at the markets I think. Another thing people are aware of these days is money. Everyone is doing it tuff so $6 for a single bath bomb might not be as appealing as you would think.
    The cup cake thing, well I see plenty of people who are still right into it.

    Maybe you could try making them smaller to reduce your costs & sell them a little cheaper. I think people would be more inclined to buy a little bag of say 4 or 5 bath bombs for $6. The idea of getting more for your dollar & all. Doesn't matter that for you its the same amount of product/material. If the customer thinks they are getting more they are happier to pay.

    Good Luck with it. They look lovely.

  7. I think they look fantastic.

    I wonder if because they have been out for some time now the craze has ended a little. Or people just don't have time to soak in a gorgeous smelling bath. Sad really.

    I really like the idea of having a few in a little bag - people might use them for a quick dip in the bath and not feel they are wasting.

    I love the look of your soaps - simply stunning.


  8. Hi Jan,

    I was surprised to learn that your bath bombs didn't sell as well at the markets - they are so beautiful.

    Before I researched bath bombs I avoided having a bath because every time I did I would get irritated in the nether regions and sometimes come away with an internal infection. At the time I didn't realise the rubbish that was in commercially made bubble baths and the like, which might be one of the reasons people are shying away from bath related products.

    Because you use the best of ingredients and they are natural it is extremely unlikely that people would suffer any ill effects, but maybe they are a little wary if they had similiar issues as I did?

    Perhaps you could ask people as they sniff or look at them if they use a bath and if not, why?

    Best wishes,


  9. Hello..I thought I would add my 2cents worth as well. I really like the look of your bath bombs, I dont find they are something people are over and on the contrary I find them buying more things for the bath these days as they ARE more water conscious..a lot of people tell me they like to have a bath because they can all get in and share the bath water, so they want some nice things to put in it.
    I do think they are pretty, but they are still just a bath bomb and so for me the price is a little high as I can get plain bath bombs for 2-00 a bomb out of shops around me here. So I am a huge bath lover, so while they will catch my eye being so pretty..I would not buy one as 6-00 for one bath is too much for my taste. I mean..I can buy a soap for around that price and get a few weeks out of it. Having a large family these considerations are important to me. I think they are gorgeous though and I bet they smell a treat! I dont find bath bombs gritty and have had some bad ones and plenty of great ones! I also find these days..people are stressing out all over the place and are actually taking time out of their stress filled days to relax in quiet and alone and a good way to do that is with a bath. Maybe do as another suggested and really plug what they are for, maybe look at seeing if you can lower your price a little on them (since the dollar shops etc are so much cheaper and markets you expect to get some good priced stuff) or tell them why they are a bit more and really plug the great oils and things in them that you have added..hope something helps!

  10. Wow! thanks everyone, the response has been wonderful.

  11. Maybe ppl don't have time for baths? I haven't seen bath bombs for a long time. They look very sweet to me.

  12. It looks like a lot of people just don't have the time to take baths anymore. I normally take showers myself as well, but it's still nice to take a long luxurious bath as a special treat at the end of an extra hard day, it's just soooo relaxing.

  13. I'm going to chime in here too...

    I don't think there's anything wrong with how your product looks, how it's presented, how it's priced or the whole cute cupcake concept.

    BUT, perhaps you need to think who exactly you have created these bath bombs for? Obviously they are not for men, so we can narrow things down a bit.

    Grown women - may be too time-poor to take baths (especially mums of small children) or if they do take time to luxuriate in a bath, perhaps they would indulge in some essential oils or relaxing bath soak (not pink fizz IYKWIM)

    Teenage girls - do they really have $6.00 to spend on a luxury item like a bath bomb? And do teenage girls actually take baths? I know I received a few of these kind of things as b'day presents as a teen and never used them because I always showered.

    Children - are parents going to buy this kind of item for their own children or for other kids? It's not the kind of thing I would add to my kids' bath, and $6.00 a pop may be too pricey for the occasional novelty.

    So perhaps you just need to narrow it down to who your market is and then do a quick survey of whether or not they would actually buy one. There could be nothing wrong with your product per se - just that there's no demand for it.

    Hope that helps! :o)


  14. Firstly, your bath bombs look fabulous!
    Personally, being water conscious, we do not use the bath in our home BUT obviously some people do, so maybe you could target parents with toddlers/children? Make cute toy/fun mini organic bath bombs to make bath time a bit more fun maybe?

    I know it can be difficult at the markets (we do a few too) and have been able to work out which markets our products sell better at than others (ie as mentioned above, some markets people are only after "bargains" whilst others they are looking for something unique or better quality etc)

    All the very best