Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pure All Natural Soap for your Baby

Good news everyone, we have listened to what Mums are wanting to wash their bubby with, so our “So Pure Baby Bar” now has a touch of pure Lavender and Tangerine Essentials oils added.

Why? Sadly, some Mums choose their baby products on how nice they smell, not realizing the chemicals lurking beneath that pretty fragrance, so we’ve decided to offer you a much safer alternative to chemical filled baby soaps.

Anyone who has read the section on chemical effects of perfume in my last post would realize the dangers of using synthetic fragrances in our skin care products. This is especially true for our babies because of their super sensitive skin. We need to be particularly careful about what we rub onto their skin and what fragrances our babies inhale.

I’ve specially chosen Lavender and Tangerine essential oils to fragrance our All Natural Baby Bar because, not only does it smell beautiful but because of the benefits these particular essential oils have.

The little cutie pictured here is one of my beautiful Grand-daughters :o)

· Lavender is an excellent sedative oil known to calm, relax and help promote sleep; it is also particularly soothing for inflamed skin conditions such as eczema and nappy rash.

· Tangerine also makes a wonderful babies oil, it’s great for helping with insomnia and restlessness and smells “just beautiful”.

If you’d like a chemical free 100% natural soap bar to take care of your babies delicate skin, Pure and Natural AromaBeauty now offers you one that is pure and gentle and smells wonderful as well.


  1. Nice work Jan!

    I am sure it will be very popular!!

  2. I'm hoping both Mums and Bubs will like it!

  3. Just wanted to say that I absolutely adore this soap for my bub!! It's nice and creamy and mild with just the right amount of suds...I use it from top to toe and the lovely light natural fragrance helps calm and soothe him ready for bedtime and leaves him smelling yummy!! I don't mind it on myself either :P

    Great work!!