Saturday, May 16, 2009

To market, to market, to buy Handmade Organic Soap!

No, not to buy a fat pig (sorry to anyone that doesn’t know that old nursery rhyme) I went to the markets to take my pure handmade soaps to show to a larger audience (well, one that actually gets to smell them).

And the comments were all good, all the “ahhs” and “ohhs” and “they smell so nice”, my Choc Mint Slice had so many “it smells good enough to eat” I was expecting someone to actually start munching on one.

I used this special occasion to introduce the new kid on the block, (well the newest all natural soap in the range really) my "Juice Bar". I decided to name it this because as you can probably guess, it really is made from, yes, real organic carrot juice.

Now, we all know how good juice is for us, I thought it would be a great idea to be able to use some of this goodness on our skin as well. I’m hoping that our newest all natural soap will become a firm favourite and will be something that you and your skin will just love.

I also added some certified organic cocoa butter and certified organic aloe vera just to make it, let’s say, even more organic. I’ve fragranced it with pure essential oils (because as my friends know, I really dislike the use of chemical fragrance oils in all natural soap, but that’s just my opinion, there are loads of pretty handmade soaps out there that contain fragrance oil, it’s just not an option for me) of sweet orange, lemongrass and spearmint. OK, it looks like another one that smells good enough to eat (hey kids, please take my word on it, it’s not, so don’t try it).

By the end of that 5 hour stint at the markets I was exhausted, and even had a nanny nap that afternoon (I’m allowed to do that, as I really am one :o). That night I treated myself to some serious pampering, a full strength, relaxing, luxury bath bomb in my bath (but that’s another story).

If you’d like to smell some "good enough to eat" organic soap for yourself, you can see me and my luxurious soaps at the next Troppo Markets in Mackay.

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  1. I concur completely Jan about "good enough to eat". I loved the choc mint soap and have been eyeing of the carrot juice soap since I saw you at the markets... Will have to catch up to get some from you!